“Art is the heritage of humanity on earth."

The Earth Legacy team is shaking up the NFT community by launching a new concept: The NFT Rocket, the first artistic collaborative project.

The original project is to create a collaborative artistic work, which will contain a part of the history of humanity, in the form of a rocket where each artist can contribute by creating their own level.

The objective is twofold. Freezing part of the earth's legacy for future generations using the power of blockchain. But also to form a large community in which creativity, sharing and mutual aid will be the main values.

It is therefore around this innovative, delirious and completely offbeat concept that you will be able to integrate the community.
- As an artist, your mission is to transmit through your contribution a part of culture or history, for example by referring to an event, a monument, pop culture, cinema, retro gaming, tv, etc.
- As a full member, you become an ambassador of the project which contributes to its development and to the support of artistic creativity.

Each work is associated with an NFT registered on the Ethereum blockchain. It is then sold at auction in order to promote the artist's work. Part of the earnings from each sale, as well as any resale in the secondary market, will go to you as an artist or community member.

The NFT Rocket goes on a mission to create something incredible, will take you far beyond the moon, enter the Earth Legacy.

Citrus Reamer
Designed by Team Earth legacy
#16 - Snake Box
Designed by MorphéXVII
#15 - Ramen Shop
Designed by Rinsachii
#14 - The Big Short
Designed by LeCams
#13 - 2001, A Dick Odyssey
Designed by Rodrigues Michel
#11 - Truman
Designed by Team Earth Legacy
#10 - ETH Castle
Designed by Team Earth Legacy
#9 - NFT Core
Designed by Team Earth Legacy
#8 - Back to the 80s
Designed by Faunesque
#7 - R. Mutt
Designed by Team Earth Legacy
#6 - Jeff vs Elon
Designed by Paul Bellila
#5 - 742 Evergreen Terrace
Designed by Team Earth Legacy
#4 - Neon Rotation
Designed by Team Earth Legacy
#3 - Dust 1
#2 - Master Sword
Designed by Julien Madérou
#1 - Stock Exchange
Designed by Team Earth Legacy
By Earth Legacy

Amazing collaborative NFT's project from earth to space

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NFT Rocket is a collaborative non-fungible token art project launched on the blockchain when the rocket will have reached the 1.000 levels. Each artist's mission is to transmit a part of the earth's heritage in the form of a rocket level.


  • 1 The artist draws a rocket level.
  • 2 Our team reserves all rights to accept or reject a proposal from an artist.
  • 3 Once the rocket reached 1.000 levels, the team earth legacy (in agreement with the artists) will launch the rocket on the blockchain.

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Learn about NFT Rocket features
To create a different NFT project, far from greedy and capitalist standards. To create a community of creatives that reflects our world.
You can take part with your art in the section Contribute
It is possible to create as many levels as you want, subject to acceptance of each proposal.
The rocket will be launched when it reaches 1.000 levels.