First of all, download level templates

Click on the following links to download the format that suits you :

Next, be creative

Draw your own level following the next artistics rules :
  1. Each submission must be an original and unique piece of art (free of rights)
  2. The projects can be inspired by popular culture without never harming the original intellectual property of reference
  3. Each artist commits his own responsibility in the submitted creations
  4. The submissions must respect the provided templates (viewing angles, volumes, proportions and definitions).
  5. The background must be treated in alpha layers (empty)
  6. The final files must be 1417x1417 (72dpi) pixel under a .png format for fixed image or .gif format for animated image
  7. All expression matters are accepted (vector illustrations on Illustrator, graphic design on Photoshop but also using pens, pencils, pastels, ink, painting, all scanned and cropped, or in 3D on Sketchup...)
  8. The team members reserve the rights to approve the projects before transforming them into an NFT
  9. The team will not accept any brand, logo or advertisement of any type
  10. Be creative, bold, original or funny if you'd like to! In order to see your creation be part of the NFT ROCKET COLLABORATIVE PROJECT!

Finally, submit your own level

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Original creation with alpha layer.
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